May 24, 2013

Cheetahs! Cheetahs! Fight, fight, fight!

Penn's soccer team, the Cheetah's, won 1st in the league this year and they recently placed 2nd in a 3 day long tournament. It was so close!

They had a great season. Penn had a personal best season with a lot of improvement coming on fast in those last few games. He scored some goals. He played more intuitively. He could see past what was happening at his feet and see what was going on in the game. This is starting to be a metaphor for growing up.

He wanted to play goalie for a while and coach wouldn't let him. He practiced at school every day for at least a month. Every day. Enough that he bought his own practice goalie gloves with his own money and he drug me out in the yard to throw balls at him. He begged his coach and finally, he was put in for a quarter. And he was great! The next game, due to some key absences, he had to play an entire game as goalie. We had no subs. We had no head coach. It was the only game we lost and that was a bit of a bummer, but there were a lot of factors, he still did a fantastic job and unfortunately that team managed to take a lot of shots.

His sportsmanship is top notch. He lets it get to him just enough to motivate him, but doesn't get down about a loss or a mistake. On the drive home he tends to recount only the positives.

Really my point is that Penn saw something difficult that he wanted to do and because he's not a superstar player he actually had to work at it. And his work actually paid off in real life. This is good stuff.

This is the last season of this team. Some of the players are moving on. We've all been together since September 2011 and I'll really miss the close player and family dynamic we have now. To new doors opening.













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