Jan 4, 2013

My 34th Birthday


I turned 34 on December 14th. Daniel invited 30 of my closest friends for a surprise party at Bowl and Barrel. It was the most fun!

I am grateful to be so often literally surrounded by thoughtful friends and family. I am grateful for a caring and thoughtful husband and beautiful and fun children who make my time meaningful. The generosity was overwhelming.

I have never shied away from a birthday. I'm not one of those women who turn 29 every year. Bring on the birthdays and the assurance that comes with each year. I have survived both grief and cheer. I will bear those memories with each turn of the earth and each forthcoming grey hair and laugh line. I am in love with my life and our home which is continuously filled with love and hope and ideas because that is what we are and that is what we fill it with.

This was a full year.

Thank you, everyone, from the bottom of my heart.

I wish I could find the photos I took of the party. They might be lost. I had to steal this one from Melissa.  Melissa and Cheryl pictured and Deborah behind the camera are a good representation of some of the amazing people in my life and so if it's the only surviving photo of the evening, it will be okay.

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cat said...

I am also so happy that you are surrounded by amazing friends and family and so much love. You are a fantastic woman and deserve so much happiness. May every day be as wonderful as the bowling party day. xoxox