Jan 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

I do not rush through the good parts. I'm more the savoring type. So on Christmas Day we continued the tradition of me sleeping in and torturing the children. Presents will not be opened until I am awake and we have eaten breakfast!

Among the lovely packages from friends and family, the kids scored a new bike and a wagon and lots of books. Daniel got The Nest thermometer. We face timed with Daniel's parents and as soon as the rain turned into a white Christmas, the boys ventured out for a flurry bike ride. Post Christmas we rode to the park with Lucy in her wagon in her warm bear suit. She hates the warm bear suit.

My dinner was a roaring success if you enjoy slapstick comedy. My bread didn't rise and I was mortified by this. To further the insult my salmon was enormous and the broiling set off the smoke detectors and an error in my oven which involved Daniel having to flip the breaker to stop it from competing with the smoke alarm's volume and our brain space. Then I added a little gelatin to my whipped cream to "stabilize it" as the recipe instructed. Well, that's gross. Don't ever do that. Clearly Martha Stewart and I have different ideas of stabilization. As if I needed further embarrassment.

Mostly Lucy wouldn't allow herself to be anything but wrapped tightly around me which makes cooking and attending to pots and chopping and cleaning most difficult. Daniel had to spend a good deal of time in the kitchen with me this year.

But we all cleared our plates. Because after all the hullabaloo it ended up being tasty and fine company, such as we had, has a magical erasing effect on any ideals of smoke smells or barbarous cutting of salmon portions or yeast bricks.

Then we drank ice wine and laughed until our belly's ached.

We savored every minute of our winter break. We were busy and active. We marched more people through this house to gather around home cooked food and conversation than ever. So many dirty dishes. So many smiles.

It was a good Christmas.







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