Oct 28, 2012


*Penn and his friends make the talent show cut!
Friend and mother extraordinaire, Deborah Stewart, taught her son Eddie, Penn, Berin and Michael the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller." They tried out for the school talent show and made it!

A week later we rushed from winning a soccer game to the school and put Penn in costume.

Here is a video of their performance.

The boys won third place in a three-way tie. I told Deborah she really went out of her way to create a moment for our kids and I love her for it. Penn will never forget the day they danced in front of all their friends and came home with a trophy. His triumphant fist pump on the stage with the winners says it all.

*First photo by Deborah Stewart.

Penn is ready to perform "Thriller" in the talent show!

The boys performed the Thriller dance and won third in a three way tie.

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